• voltage: 220V (210V-230V) ~50Hz
  • Power: 400W
  • Coin box capacity: 3000pcs
  • Size: L1430*D1080*H2730mm
  • Packing: 1500*1150*2060 mm

Howt To Play

  •  Insert coins.
  • Press Start button to release the pearl.
  • Small pearl drops through the Lucky Ring to win either a JP spin, small pearls or BIG tickets.
  • Each pushed down small pearl gives player 1 score, the big pearl drops down from the big hole gives player corresponding scores.

2022 Best Coin Pusher Arcade Game Machine For Sale|Crazy Doctor Quarter Pusher Machine For Sale

What is a coin pusher arcade game machine

Coin pusher is a game machine that needs to put money in and get more money. In some cases, if you put in one or more gold coins, you will get more gold coins; In some cases, all the gold coins invested are absorbed by the game console and do not generate income.

Coin pusher game with background music

What are the types of coin pusher arcade game machine

According to the structure, the quarter pusher machine is divided into internal circulation and external circulation. Classified by performance, coin pushers are divided into virtual coin pushers and physical coin pushers.

Physical coin pushing machine: put game coins in it and push coins mechanically

Virtual coin pusher: simulate the real coin pusher and display it on the display

How to play quarter machine

Put the coins in, push the coins in the machine through the coins you put in, and all the coins falling from the exit are yours

Coin pusher arcade game machine how it works

Basically, all coin pusher arcade game machine are divided into two layers before the coin outlet: coin pushing and coin issuing. Coins are dropped from above and reach the coin pushing layer through some cross placed obstacles. The platform shrinks to produce coins pushed down to the coin outlet layer, and then the coins pushed from the top to the coin outlet layer slide down to the coin outlet

There are two small holes on the push board in the coin pusher. Generally, it is difficult for customers to find them. When putting game coins in, a small part of the game coins will directly enter the interior of the machine, even in front of the push board of the game machine,

As the push board pushes forward, the two small holes will also smoothly play the role of diversion, separating the game coins to both sides and maintaining a small push to the greatest extent.