Size: W178*D105*H244cm

Power: 700W

Application range:amusement parkFamily entertainment center、game center、shopping mall.

Coin Pusher Arcade Redemption Game

How To Play

Throw in tokens and get the number of game rounds.

There are five energy holes in total: tokens fall into 1 3 5 (attack hole) to trigger mobs attack, and fall into 2 4 (shield hole), which can accumulate protection time and be used during boss battles The protection time is extended.

6 screen mobs designs: “lottery mobs”, “big ball mobs”, “token mobs”, “lucky wheel mobs”, “fanatical lottery mobs” and “holiday mobs”.

The token falls into the “attack hole” to attack the corresponding mobs on the screen, defeat the mobs, and get the corresponding rewards.

Collect five energies, trigger all attacks, destroy all screen mobs, and get all rewards; at the same time, get flying coins as rewards.

Hit the “Lucky Wheel” mobs, the lottery wheel will start, the ball will fall into the yellow hole to get the gold coin prize, and the gold coin prize will automatically launch the reward; enter other holes to get the lottery reward.

Hit the big ball and the mobs, get one ball and drop the push plate, push the plate and push five balls to enter the Boss pool challenge, the shield time is over, the pool protection disappears, and the ball hits can get token rewards, 100 hits count as a successful challenge, After the challenge is successful, you can enter the “Bonus Prize” lottery mode, with exciting lottery doubling, and pool prizes.