Project Description

Cool Drops Arcade Ticket Games Machine

Company Profile

  • Thank you for choosing the amusement machine produced by our company. We are a comprehensive enterprise integrating development, production, sales, operation and services. “Quality first, users first, services first” is our solemn promise to customers and our action guide.
  • Please carefully read the manual for correct, appropriate and safe use of the machine. We hope it can help you to succeed!

Introduction to the Product:

  • Players acquire the corresponding number of balls after putting coins. Lunch the small balls at the right time.The corresponding reward will be on the video plate when the small balls get through the holes. Different number of tickets will be gotten as different balls be pushed by the plate. If the gold be pushed down, the jackpot can be won. Light up all the small hole lights to enter the “crazy time” and challenge to get bigger prize.

Features of the Product:

  • Combination of real mechanical ball with video virtual ball;
  • Elegant appearance, bright-colored lights;
  • Easy to understand and play, suitable for all ages; ² High-revenue redemption game machine.

Specifications and Technical Parameters

Cool Drops Arcade Ticket Games Machine

Cool Drops Arcade Ticket Games Machine

1) Operating Voltage: AC 220V-240V, 50/60 Hz or AC110V±5%, 50/60 Hz

2) Maximum Power: 400W

3) Dimensions: W1590 × D805× H 2470 (mm)

4) Operating Environment: Temperature (indoors): 0℃~35℃;

Humidity: ≤90%;

Atmospheric pressure: 86Pa~106Pa.

Installation Location Dimension

The machine should be placed according to the following dimensions for customers’safety and enough space to run the machine.

Game area: 50cm


Instructions about the game

Cool Drops Arcade Ticket Games Machine

Cool Drops Arcade Ticket Games Machine


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