Project Description

Forest Arcade Ball Rolling Game

Brief description

Jungle Strike is one of the carnival items for indoor use. Player rolls the ball to hit the target and then get the tickets according to the points. Its character: easy to play, player just master the simple skills. It is so funny that fit for different ages to play.

Technical parameter

  • Dimensions:W760*L3450*H2050 mm
  • Weight:225 KG
  • Power supply:AC220/110v
  • Player:1

Principle and Structure

  • comprises of coin tower unit, Controller system, payout unit , lights,etc.The structure of whole machine.

How to play

  • You can see coin insert signal“3,2,1”from LED after inserting coins and then game start.forest skee ball arcade game machine
  • Rolling the ball, you can get the credits according to the points which be seen by LED.
  • Player has 5-8 ball per game, game over after rolling , the points will be displayed by LED.


  •  Check Accessories after buying.
  • Check the power if fit for this item.(AC220V OR AC110V)
  • Let ball path connect with this item prefectly and then switch on the power supply,LED monitor display demo with music, this item on demo.
  • Insert coins and then play, balls will come out accordingly by the ball system, player rolls the ball to hit the target, LED monitor will display the points and balls per game.
  • Player will get the tickets according to the total points then game over, waited for the next time.
  • This item can be linked to more units to play.
  • Adjustment and function of Coin tower unit.
  •  Function of Ticket dispenser.

Volume adjustment:

A、Adjust the sound volume inside the front cabinet.

B、Use the screw driver to adjust the volume knob on main board. It is not adjusted under general situation.

  • Game adjustment
  • The adjustment of game is: coins(1-5)、tickets、the station of dispenser、base of the tickets、mode for record of the tickets. (Refer to DIP Switch table)
  • Clear alarm for no ticket
  • If the dispenser runs out of tickets, it will raise alarm. There is one ways to stop it.
  • Replenish tickets and press TOKEN BUTTON.The dispenser will then payout any owed tickets. The alarm will be cleared.

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