Animal Mania Kids Redemption Games


  • The working voltage:220V/110V
  • Minimum power:250W
  • Maximum power:350W
  • Dimensions:W1293×D1530×H2280(mm)
  • The weight:about 183 kg
  • (Indoor)Temperature:-10℃~+40℃
  • Humidity:≤90%
  • Atmospheric pressure:86KPa~106KPa
  • Application range:amusement parkFamily entertainment center、game center、shopping mall

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How To Play

  • Drop coins to start the game and the 4 balls slide down automatically and push the balls quickly in the due time . The more animals are pushed down gets the more points. Countdown end, game end. Need to coin again for game.
  • Pushingdown the BOSS Elephant gets most points, less blood clots on elephant indicate a greater chance of pushing it down.
  • In the process of pushing down animals, gemstones can be Irregular gained , saving up 7 gemstones can get a turntable lottery once. Draw the lottery score to win the lottery, draw the game time to increase countdown seconds.


  • This product takes parent-child video game console (push ball game) as carrier, Takes s style of  Freshing Sunshine and Cartoon as the game screen, takes a playing method by pushing balls against animals as main keynote. Pursuing high scores in leisure play, attracts players to challenge again and again.

Art style

  • This product use the fixed visual angle of 3D cartoon style,with spring, summer, autumn and winter scenes of a farm,againsting different animals, displays vitality and interest

Target users

  • Age ranges:Young users aged 6 – 28
  • Region:First, second and third-tier cities
  • First target group:Children aged 6-12
  • Second target group:Parent-child interaction

Characteristics of the game

  • The core of  the game is the operation of impacting cartoon animals , pass the checkpoint by continuous impact operation successfully and get more points, create a recreational, relaxed and challenging game atmosphere.

Characteristics ofplaying

  • Each player operates by pushing 4 balls to wipe out cartoon animals and get points, the player need to give consideration to different animals in different tracks, which Test the players’observation and responsiveness.

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