Project Description

Mario Kart Arcade Machine Gp 2

Mario Kart Racing GP2 Introduction

The classic Mario Kart racing game. The play iconic character included the Mario, Luigi, Yoshi, princess peach and more. And the Exclusive arcade characters with Pac-man, Ms. Pac-man, Blinky and Tamagotchi. Total 24 coutsed to race across 6 different view. And multiple game modes up to 68 racing variations. 57 items provided to choice.Max link up to 4 machines. And this game machine release at 2007 now only refurbishment version on sale.

Mario Kart Racing GP2

Mario Kart GP2 Arcade Racing Game Packaging & Delivery

  • Packaging Details: Bubble film inside and stretch film, wooden case is optional, strong enough for oversea transportation.
  • Port: Guangzhou/Shenzhen/Hongkong

Mario Kart Arcade Product Parameter

  • Original Namco mario kart game machine, refurbished version
  • Screen: 29inch CRT
  • Size:W1000*D1800*H2200MM
  • Power:200W
  • Player:1

Mario Kart Racing GP2

Mario Kart Arcade Machine Introduction

Thank you very much for purchasing MARIOKART ARCADEGPDX(referred to as the “machine”in this manual)

This Operation Manual describes:

  • How to safely install, operate,move, transport, maintain and dispose of the machine.
  • How to make full use of the machine’s functions and operate it correctly.
  • How to ensure the safety of players and bystanders.

Contact for Machine and Machine Repair Inquiries

  • For inquiries regarding the machine or machine repairs, contact your distributor.
  • The copyrights trademarks and other rights used by the machine are noted at the end of this Operation Manual.

Definition of “Technician”

  • This Operation Manual is designed for arcade personnel. However, the sections marked”Must be performed by a technician”in the Table of Contents are written for technicians. These must be performed by technicians only.

  • Technician:

    • A person involved in the design, manufacture, inspection, maintenance or service at an amusement device manufacturer, or a person involved routinely in the maintenance or management (such as repair) of amusement devices and has specialist knowledge of electricity, electronics or mechanical engineering equivalent to or higher than a technical high school graduate.


  • Rated power supply AC:120±10V(50/60 Hz)/230V±10V(50/60 Hz)
  • Rated power consumption:570W
  • Maximum consumption current: 4.75 A/2.4 A
  • Monitor:LCD monitor (42-inch)
  • Dimensions when installed:Width (W)40.476″,103 cm×depth (D)63″, 160 cm×height(H)93.7,238 cm

Mario DX Mario DX

Required Dimensions for the Delivery Route (Such as Doors and Corridors)

  • The machine is disassembled at the time of shipment.The sizes of the main parts are as follows.

  • Front assembly

    • Width (W)40.476″(103 cm.)*depth (D)30.3″(77cm.)*height(H))74.8″ (190cm.)Weight 402.6 Ib 183 Kg.
  • Seat assembly

    • Width (W)22″(56 cm.)*depth (D)33.9″(86 cm.)*height (H)51.2″(130cm) Weight 96.8 lb 44 kg