Best Claw Machine|True Love Baby Claw Machine For Sale

Claw Machine Parameter

Size: 862*800*1957

Weight: 100Kg

Power: 275W

How To Play The Claw Machine

  • 1.Exchange game token at the counter, and insert tokens into the coin slot to start the game;

  • 2.Opeerate the joystick to control the front, back, left, and right directions of the claw, and move the claw to the top of your favorite doll;

  • 3.Press the confirm button on the console, the claw will be vertically lowered, and then the claw will be closed to grab the doll;

    If the doll is grabbed successfully, it will fall into the collection window below, and take the doll there. The fun of the game is the unknown and anticipation, excitement and satisfaction after each capture.So if you fail at the first time, don’t be discouraged and keep going.

Why Choose US

As the origin of the arcade games machine, China is the best choice for buying arcade claw machines. Here you can find the lowest price with best quality and get the most professional after-sales service. As a professional arcade game machine manufacturer, Yuto games has hundreds claw machines for the choice.

True Love Baby Claw Machine
True Love Baby Claw Machine

High-Performance LCD Motherboard

Yuto Games claw machine use the high-performance LCD motherboard which more strong stability and not easy to break. This main board is the new IC component integration, and the LCD screen is easy to operate which with the strong program controllability. The reliable and guaranteed quality bring you the fluently use after game center open. And it is the elf-service claw machine does not need to be manually managed.

High-Speed Stainless Gantry

Our claw machine stainless gantry is the high-speed version which use the copper coils and imported motors increases the stability and prolongs the service life of the crane crane. Advanced technology makes the claw machine stainless gantry very sensitive and has a good user experience.High-quality materials make the stainless gantry wear-resistant and durable, greatly reducing after-sales problems.

Fashion Console

The console what we use at the claw machine is the fashion version. Use the fashionable thickened acrylic control panel and colorful button on the fetching objects and also the crystal joysticks. With the blends fashion and practicality together.

Toughened Glass Is Adopted

Also for the glass which we use in the claw machine. They are all the toughened glass. More transparent and stronger impact resistance.

Anti-Theft System To Ensure The Safe

For the main door and prize out door, it is  with the anti-theft system function which bring the double guarantee of safety.

After Service

No matter what issue you meet after you purchase our claw machine. Professional technology support will be supply all the time.Normally, without the human damage,the warranty is 1 year, and life long technology support.