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how to win a claw machine

Basic step 1:about the claw

The machines claws are normally combined by 3pcs clip. So when you trying to catch a target, will see that the claw angles just not even close as you’re expecting, it will just one clip might fall on the target or fall on nothing, so it’s important to spin the claw.

To spin the claw is an easy job,spin the rocker 360 degree in very fast speed, you can see the claw swing and then the angle will change. When the claw stop shaking, you can go for the dolls,but you must be aware on the time limited. Swing the claw is fun but don’t get addicted.

how to win a claw machine

Basic step 2:about the button

A second push in the grip of the target will strengthen the claw. to be more specific, perfect press timing is at the height 1/3 of the target, would be perfect holding on the complete doll. . Because if you wait until the claws to the end it would be not enough strengthen. This method working on most of claw machine. it could make you squeezed the claw in the right moment and enhance your win rate.

Practice skill 1:Push over the dolls

Push over the dolls, is a quite practical skill. Especially some bigger dolls,or some like piggy, bear shape… it would be better if you can start from the dolls main body or under the neck, cause if you grab from a setting dolls head,the claw cannot find the grabbing point to catch a doll. So if you’re really adore this doll, I would suggest you to spend 2 times chances in first, as bedding. Push over the doll then go for it.

The way is quite easy,when claw is dropped so that one clip is fall over on the dolls head and the other two clips are held diagonally on the dolls body. So when the clip retracted, the doll will be pulled down.

Kindly noted, can get the right position, and shake the claw~ but if there’s too many barriers, this method no longer workable.

angle bear claw crane game machine 2

Practice skill 2:shake the claw

First of all,the target doll cannot too closed to the margin glass or the exit acrylic, otherwise the clapboard will be the obstacle from you and the doll.

Once confirmed the there’s no visible barrier nearby target, just shake the claw from side to side by operate the rocker. Pick a good timing and press the button! Once the paw is clamped into the doll and retrieved, the doll will thrown toward the exit.

Here we need to pay attention on calculate the claw falling position. When its clamped a doll,normally on this moment the claw is still tied, while retraction and swing, after up to the top  the claw will generally loose then.

Practice skill 3:Rolled into the hole

The trick is to clamped up a doll, then fall and roll straightly into the hole.

It looks easy,but you need to consider it hard. Generally, slopes above 45 degrees are easier to roll into, and its difficult if the slopes below 30 degrees.

The method is that when the clip falls, do not be on the same vertical track with the doll, the clip should be slightly closer to the hole, so that when the clip comes up, there will be a tension to the exit.

And this method is suitable for those machine with shorter exit edges. And better use on the stuffed small size dolls machine.

If you were riches, you could probably spend few chances to stuffed the exit, prepare it well then use above skills, could be more easier.


Experience Summary

Above are few specific methods, although there’s some easy methods. You could try to get one clip across to part of target, such as a tag, rope, inside the doll’s clothes etc, it works. And if you catch a doll but stuck on the hook, don’t worry, just call the clerk, its still yours. There are also the kind of dolls with sucker, once hooking up the rope of the sucker, the clamps closed could often pull the doll down, I used this method to catch a few.

Divergent thoughts….. Claw is not just to clamped, it could also squeeze. This method is usually used when the dolls are piled high or in large Numbers, so that the clip falls directly behind the doll. When the clip falls behind, it will collide with the doll and, if you were lucky, the doll will be pushed into the hole. Please be aware this is unworkable to the heavy dolls.

You can also move the doll near the exit bit by bit, pay attention to analyzes the point position, firmly grasp the doll will usually let it fall vertically, we can grab the left side of the object, then when it falls down will bias to the left, make it more chance coming to the exit.

Don’t choose the glosses material dolls.

Try to choose a doll that is close to the exit, unless you rather to throw money to the one with distance.

You will need to thinking and analyze it, to think about where the doll will falls, where the doll will roll into.  Observation could save you experiences and a lot of money.

And you might realized, why the clerks often to stand up the dolls once in a while…