Commen Faults In Claw Crane Game Machine

1.Gift detection switch is abnormal.The gift exit is a foreign body.If there is a foreign body, remove it.No foreign body, the detection plate problem.Replace the detection plate or connect the cable.

2.Left detection switch is abnormal.Watch if the crane is reset to the far left.If it has not moved to the left, restart the crane to move to the left.If it has moved to the far left, then it is fault in left reset light eye, replace the light eye.If it can be not moved to the left,then check if it can be moved the crane around manually.Reboot to move to the left. If the crane guide rail is stuck or not smooth, loosen the guide rail screws and wipe the guide rail groove with paper towel ,and apply some lubricating oil, and ensure that the crane moves from the right end to the left end within 13 seconds.

If it can be moved easily from side to side, the inner hexagonal screw on the motor pulley is loose, disassemble motor pulley on the left and right, tighten the inner hexagon screw on the wheel to the notch of the motor bearing.(2mm socket head wrench  )

If it can be moved hardly from side to side, it is fault with the board or the motor, first check whether the plug wire of the motor is loose, if loosen and plug tightly. If not loosen, it is fault in board or motor,replace the board or motor.claw

3.before Detecting switch abnormality.check if Crane scissors box is backward to the most inside.If the scissors box is back to the most inside and the motor clicks, it is fault of The anterior reset light eye, and replace the light eye.If the scissors box is not back to the most inside,the motor does not move before and after restarting.if it is fault  on  board, replace the board and test instead.

4.Scissors detects switch abnormalities.Error before the scissors cut twice or not cut.error before the scissors did not cut,and it is fault of board or motor in scissors box. First replace the board ,if it is ok, it is fault of board,or the fault of the motor.error after the scissors cut,and it is fault of board or light eye. (There is a red indicator light in Scissors light eye, the red light is on when scissors open, the red ight is off when scissors close.

5.Press and hold the forward button, if the crane does not go forward, let go and cut.

it is fault of board,replace the board and try again.if it is not ok, Check whether the power supply line of the motor is in normal contact before and after the power supply is connected to the main board (there is a white line connected to the power box and check the terminals of this line)

6.Drop the coin to detect the switch abnormalities: Check whether the black switch behind the coin acceptor is dialed wrong, must dial open.

7.Small LCD screen flicker, character jump, can not see clearly. LCD screen is blue, no character is displayed, the game is normal.If the LCD plug is not in good contact, open the bottom plate of console and plug again.LC interferes with the cabinet, loosen the LC fixing screw several turns.The above two ways are not ok, replace LC or motherboard, to test.

Enter the menu→Crane test→any grid test; See if the crane can go from side to side.It can be moved when testing, it is fault of rocker to the motherboard, first check whether the rocker plug cable is loose

clawCrane testing: The crane is calibrated from left to right,still do not go, it is fault of motherboard to the left and right motor. In the game, shake the joystick and see if the motor is rotating, If there is no rotation, check if the plug wire connected to the end of left and right of the motor has not dropped.If not dropped,replace the board or motor. If shake joystick,there is a rotating sound from motor, and the crane does not go around, The screw of the top of synchronous wheel on the upper belt of the motor is loose or the motor gearbox is broken; Remove the motor from the synchronous wheel and tighten the screw; replace motor if the fault is in gearbox.

8.Swinging the joystick in the game does not go around.

9.The interface failed to connect. It can be played when dropped coin, no sound, no coin number displayed on LCD.It is fault in Interface small board, shutdown and replacement small board and reboot.It is not workable if replace small board, It could be fault of I/O board or a small Android board or a setup.

10.Turn off the power to see if the light tube is on.Coin cant be dropped in game machine.First see whether the coin acceptor is powered up (generally there is an indicator light outside). If the light is on, the coin can not be dropped: ①put the coin in properly,put again. ②There is a foreign body blocked in the coin channel, which needs to be cleaned manually. ③The coin acceptor is broken, change the coin acceptor.If the light is off ①the coin acceptor is not powered up, check the plug cable of the coin acceptor. ②The coin acceptor is broken, change the coin acceptor.

11.Coin cant be dropped in game machine.left reset light eye of the crane.Front reset light eye of the crane.The butterfly-shape screw on front and back belt for tightening and adjusting.

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