8 Questions For The Claw Machine Which You Need To Know

1.What is The Claw Machine

Claw machine, also known as selected goods sales machine, is commonly known as Jia-Wawa-Machine in Taiwan, Jia Gongzai Machine in Hong Kong, and Zhua-Wawa-Machine in mainland China. It is a kind of electronic game originated from Japan. The original Japanese name is UFO CATCHER. Claw machine is a gift vending machine, which is quite a simple one among large game machines.

There are Japanese-style with 2 paws and Korean-style with 3 paws. The gameplay is displays the items in a transparent box, and insert coins/token to start the game and grad the items by controlling the claw.Because at the earliest, most of the items put inside are plush dolls,so they were called “Doll Claw Machine”. Because the plush dolls are very popular with children and youth,even though some merchants also put other items such as watches, key rings and even seafood inside,many people still call it “Doll Claw Machine”.

claw machine
claw machine
claw machine
claw machine

2.How To Play The Claw Machine

  • Exchange game token at the counter, and insert tokens into the coin slot to start the game;

  • Opeerate the joystick to control the front, back, left, and right directions of the claw, and move the claw to the top of your favorite doll;

  • Press the confirm button on the console, the claw will be vertically lowered, and then the claw will be closed to grab the doll;If the doll is grabbed successfully, it will fall into the collection window below, and take the doll there. The fun of the game is the unknown and anticipation, excitement and satisfaction after each capture.So if you fail at the first time, don’t be discouraged and keep going.

claw machine
claw machine
claw machine

3.How To Win Claw Machine

  • Fling the clamp: Flick the claw left and right, let the claw swing sharply left and right, find a good time to press the drop button, wait for the claw to catch the doll, and then it will throw the doll toward the exit.

  • Firstly grab some dolls near the hole: You can grab some dolls to to fill the area near the hole, then roll it or use the last method, it will be easier to success.As the old saying goes,you can’t make an omelette without breaking eggs.Make some preparations first is better than keep trying again and again to grab the dolls.

  • Rotating the claw: The claw usually is composed of 3 pieces of clips. When grabbing a doll, the angle of the claw usually does not match the expectations. When the claw is dropped, one of the clip may fall on the doll or deviate from the grasping point.So it is very important to rotate the claw. It’s very simple to rotate the claw, that is, quickly turn the joystick 360 degrees, the clips rotates and swings, and the angle changes. When the claw stops shaking, it’s the time to grab the doll, but pay attention to the time.

4.How To Choose A Good Claw Machine

  • Appearance:

    • Choose the appearance according to the type of venue and the venue target customers.The choice of models depends on your own financial situation and the level of the venue.
    • Basic requirements: Colorful neon light design, gorgeous lighting, boutique window-style design, all-round viewing, expanding the scope of sight.
  • Product Quality

    • Taiwan LCD smart motherboard, luxury stainless steel high-speed crane, high-power strong claw coil, 220V-110V universal high-power power box, colorful joystick, colorful buttons;
    • The shop window and the exit port have the function of anti-theft system, double guarantee of safety;
    • The display and keyboard are easy to check the account and manage it;
    • Chassis material and lighting effects.
  • After-Sales Service:

    • Including operation guidance, technical support and timely handling of faults, and choose a regular company that can continue to provide you with after-sales service.

5.What Is The Working Principle Of  The Claw Machine

Most of the claw machines are in the form of automatic vending. After a certain amount of coins are put in according to the requirements, first you can control the claws to move back and forth in the horizontal direction, and then press the button to make the claw to grab the item, and then the claws will rise to the top and move to the collection port. Finally the doll falls out of the collection port, and it belongs to you.

Although there are many techniques, in fact, the success rate can be set by the merchan.So some people may succeed at the first time, and some people may not be able to catch it after spending a lot of money.

The work modes can be set:

  •  Normal mode: Just insert coins to play, strong and weak power can be controlled by the machine setting.
  • Automatic vending mode: You need to invest enough required coins set by the machine to play, in a continuous mode, until you get a gift. DIP-SW A 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8
  • Working mode setting Normal control mode OFF, Auto vending mode ON

Game time control:

  • After customers insert coins, if they do not operate the machine in certain time, the machine will counts down and automatically grab the doll.

6.What Is The Best Claw Machine

  • Taiwan High-Performance LCD Motherboard

    • Strong stability, not easy to break, strong program controllability.The motherboard adopts new IC component integration, and the LCD screen is easy to operate. The quality is guaranteed, and the self-service claw machine does not need to be manually managed.
  • High-Speed Crane

    • The use of copper coils and imported motors increases the stability and prolongs the service life of the crane crane. Advanced technology makes the crane very sensitive and has a good user experience.High-quality materials make the crane wear-resistant and durable, greatly reducing after-sales problems.
  • Fashion Console

    • Fashionable thickened acrylic control panel, colorful button for fetching objects, crystal rocker, blends fashion and and practicality together.
  • Blister& Hardware Chassis (Optional)

    • The blister chassis makes the appearance transparent and visible, beautiful and fashionable; light weight, good airtightness, meeting environmental protection requirements, with brilliant and changeable lighting, very eye-catching. The hardware chassis is all stamped and formed with sheet material with a thickness of 1.2, which is more sturdy and durable without deformation. Various styles of head parts can be customized.
  • Toughened glass is adopted

7.How Much Is The Claw Machine

  • Single standard model: 400-1000

  • Double players model: 900-2000

  • Special appearance and huge-size modes: 2000-30000

8.Where to buy a claw machine

Yuto Games is the professional manufacture for Claw crane game machines. With many years experience in product development, production and after service. You can review our company website to select your interested items. At the same time, it is also support to customize your logo or pattern on the game machine which base on your requirement.

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