Machine size: 250*250*250CM

Power: 2000W

Weight: 350KG

Voltage: 220V AC

Application range: amusement park、Family entertainment center、game center.

VR Arcade Shooting Games


1. A game specially designed to enhance player experience and interaction.

2. The game supports helmet 4K picture output. Players can enjoy high-definition picture quality without feeling dizzy.

3. With the 360-degree panoramic screen, the user, the protagonist, can be immersed in the scene and experience the atmosphere through sound and comprehensive effects. The sense of space and distance will be more layered.

4. Realistic and grand game scenes, a war atmosphere filled with bullets, you can feel the tension and excitement of shells passing by at any time.

5. The entire game has three major scenes, from attack and defense to urban street fighting, from the sea to the sky, and various different experiences rotate.

6. In the game, picking up different props has corresponding force feedback output, making the experience more realistic and the feeling of impact stronger.

7. In the dynamic version of the game, players can feel the super rhythm driven by the plot. The dynamic platform sometimes rotates, sometimes rises and falls, and sometimes explodes in conjunction with the plot.

8. A VR game without wearing a helmet, which is hygienic, convenient and safe.