Machine size: 250*260*250CM

Power: 1500W

Weight: 300KG

Voltage: 220V AC

Application range: amusement park、Family entertainment center、game center.

vr shooting machine


1. The game is designed in the style of ocean exploration, with the theme of destroying monsters and rescuing the trapped Robinson.

2. 4-person design.

3. Rewards can be given according to points

4. There are 9 levels in total.

The latest multiplayer interactive shooting game, with individual soldiers, vehicles, cooperative combat, and the use of various
It features a variety of weapons sweeping across enemy lines, and combined with the popular anti-terrorism and justice theme elements, allows players to experience the excitement of modern warfare and the fun of annihilating enemies with a firm determination to maintain peace.
Behind peace in the 21st century are the differences between world regions.