Walking Dead Shooting  Acade Games


  • Size:W1380mm*D2175mm*H2560mm
  • Volume:9m³
  • Weight::510kg
  • Power:4800w
  • Player:2
  • Screen size:55‘

Walking Dead Arcade Game Description

  • The characteristic of the arcade game Walking Dead is to reproduce the weapons used in the TV series. For example, Daryl’s crossbow or Tyreese’s hammer, etc. When playing this game, players need to sit in a box that fits the situational design and use the shooting joystick to play the game. In addition, in order to cooperate with the game, there will be lighting equipment and Thrill-D sound system in the cabinet.
  • This arcade game even really comes with a crossbow-shaped controller. The crossbow can only be filled with 8 arrows at a time. In order to emphasize the realism, a mechanism that can pull the bow back is specially made. As the levels continue to advance, a variety of weapons will bring players a different experience!
The Walking Dead Arcade Game Machine

Instructions Of  The Walking Dead Arcade Game:

  • After the game tokens are turned on by the button, start on the console, and you will enter the game selection screen.
  • Players only need to bypass the crossbow crossbow, let their minds stop on the level screen to be selected, and then pull the trigger button on the crossbow to enter the game screen.
  • After entering the game screen, you can launch, ignite, hammer, head and other weapons by pulling the trigger button on the crossbow. As long as the explosion range of the arrow dagger zombie is close, you can kill the corpse. When the weapon is used up, the attachment on the crossbow can be pulled to replenish the weapon.
  • During the game, gasoline tanks, nurse boxes, etc. will appear from time to time. When hitting gasoline cans, nurse boxes, etc. When hitting the gasoline tank, the power will be great, the surrounding zombies will die, and the battle can be ended as soon as possible; when hitting the nurse’s box, there may be no life rescue companions, and one’s own vitality can also be enhanced, but certainly To die within the stipulated deadline.

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