How To Fix The Problem Of The Crane In A Prize Crane Game Machine

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The claw  is an important component of the claw machine. If player inserts the coins but do not start to control the joystick, the claw automatically moves in a certain direction. What is the problem and how to repair it?

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Crane problem is very common for claw machine. There are two main reasons for the problem:

  • Players may shake it too hard, causing damage to the joystick fretting!
  • There would be some problems in the game board of the prize crane game machine.

But between these two reasons, how to judge whether the rocker is broken, or the game board is broken, you can send us the videos then we will check and let you know.

claw machine clrane

claw machine clrane for claw crane game machine

1. Check whether the micro-switch of the joystick is damaged.

If the claw machine claw moves in a certain direction automatically.

First check the joystick, turn on the joystick console of the gift crane machine, you can see that there are four micro switches on the joystick, which represent the control of the crane, front, Back, left, right, four directions. And there are two lines on each micro-movement.

For example, if the crane automatically moves forward after inserting the coin, one of the wires that controls the micro-movement is unplugged. Then return on the crane machine and insert coins to test.

If unplugging a wire, the problem is solved, it proves that there is a problem with micro-switch of the joystick, just replace a new one.

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2. Check if there is some problem in the game board.

If after confirming that the joystick is normal, the crane still moves automatically in a certain direction, check whether the main board is normal.

claw machine motherboard

motherboard for claw crane game machine

3. The claw machine game board fault detection:

  • Locate the control joystick cable on the main board, unplug the joystick cable and start the machine, and see if the crane is with problem.
  • Enter the motherboard test page. Test the front, back, left, and right motors of the crown block (for details, please refer to the description of the menu spare parts of the crane machine/claw machine).
  • Replace the prize game machine with a new game board