2022 Best Claw Machine Kit For Sale|Cheap Claw Machine Parts Made In China

When purchasing these prize cLaw crane game machines, the amusement owners must learn what components and spare parts for the crane machines first. Then they can easily deal with some unexpected problems that may occur when using the craw gift machines. The following is an introduction of the core components of the claw machine. Of course, there are also many complex claw machines, and the spare parts inside will be different.

The core components of the gift machine include: game board, power supply, currency detector, credit/timer display, joystick, wiring harness, bridge assembly and claw.

2022 Best Claw Machine Kit For Sale|Cheap Claw Machine Parts Made In China

Game Board

  • The game board is the brain of the prize machine, and it controls the operation of the entire claw machine.

Currency Detector 

  • The currency detector detects the coins or bills when player start the game. When it detects a coin or bill, it will act as a light switch, then the rest of the machine will turn on. The currency detector is to prevent some dishonest players from using some fake coins or bills  to cheat. Of course, the currency detector used in some new prize machine can also detect the number of coins put in, and reward the player with a chance to grab the toys if player inser10 coins continuously in a short period of time.

Credit/Timer Display 

  • The credit/timing display is to let players to grab gifts within a limited time. In order to prevent players from delaying time and wasting time when grabbing gifts, it is generally set at 1 minute. About 3 minutes. The specific setting method can be set in the programming language of the printed circuit board according to the specific situation. Its purpose is to fully improve the efficiency of the use of the claw machine, so that the players waiting to play later will no longer suffer.


  • The joystick is to control where the steel claws fall. just like choosing a fixed coordinate on the map. Players can move their paws to the top of their favorite gifts, then shake the joystick.claw

Control Button

  • The control button is to control the falling of the steel claw. Its function is relatively simple and there is no special operability. Players only need to click a button to drop the steel claw.

Claw Machine Claw

  • Claws are the most important part for grabbing gifts. Generally, the claw has three fingers, and some have more. After the paw grabs the gift, the circuit board will send a command to let the paw rise again and start moving towards the outlet. This time period is also the most nervous moment for players. And it is most important process for player to slip off the gift. It is what make players love and hate claws. Especially the girls, the paws have become their dream lovers when play the game. And they hope that the paws will never let go. It is their dream to hold on to their gifts tightly.