The Dubai Entertainment Amusement& Leisure show, which was held in Mar14 TH,2023 to Mar 16th,2023 was just finished. It was truely the first time for many of the Chinese amusement companies to go abroad and meet with customers face to face after the long corona situation which has been consistent for more than three years. And YUTO made a big success from the first trade show outside China.

It was our first exhibition abroad since the corona situation happened in 2020. In this show, we brought our latest new and popular amusement game machines, and accompanied with our technicians and engineers, showing the quality, technology, R&D ability and our professional team to our customers. The eye catching and high quality game machines made our booth become the hottest and most famous booth in the China hall. And many of our customers, including old customers and new customers just placed orders directly in the exhibition, which brought us huge confidence encouragement.

All in all, the Deal show was a very meaningful exhibition,it not only showed our latest new products, technology, professional R&D ability and team to our customers, but also improve the relationship and communication with both our old and new customers. And it was also a very good opportunity to exchange the thoughts with our customers, making us more closer to our customers and the markets.

2023 will be a very busy and harvest year for YUTO. In the coming months, we will join more exhibitions, the nearest coming Expo would be the 3A show in May in Guangzhou. And here are more details of our other exhibitions for your reference.

Please keep paying attention to our company’s news and new products releases. I believe YUTO will be your trusted and loyal partner.