Arcade Rhythm Games For Sale|Dance Cube Arcade Machine For Sale

 Product Features

  • Unique design, easy operation, dynamic music, strong sense of rhythm.
  • Player’s will spontaneously dance under the strong rhythm
  • Training and improving Player’s rhythm and hand-eyes coordination
  • Enjoy the fun of battle and winning
  • Be the spot among the flashing lights and shocking music.
  • Plenty of classical and hot music, and will continue update.

Touch Screen Rhythm Arcade Game Machine Parameter

  • Name:Dance Cube
  • Weight:500kg Measure:265*141*222cm
  • Voltage:220V~50Hz
  • Power:500W
  • Plug :Chinese ,International(Australia) ,American ,Britain ,Germany ,Italy ,Western Europe(Swit) ,South Africa

Install Machinery

  • lInstall those two treble-alto speakers on the top with screws from repair parts.

Cable connection

  • Connect the wires between the speaker on the top and the lights as follow (note: this step is unnecessary if the speakers didn’t separate on packing)
  • Make a connection on the DVI signal wire, UBS camera wire, audio cable and serial cables on the dash board.
  • Connect cables of the speakers together. ) Connect the 220V power adapter with the socket inside as follows.
  • Connect the 220V power adapter with the socket inside as follows.
  • Link the external power wires together and press the power button to start the machine.
  • Connect the 2p coin selectors and make a setting on it. lThere are two coin selectors after opening the enclosure. Get the coin selectors by pulling the drawbar above to open the side door. lCompetitive coin selectors would work only after intelligent setting. Electrify and Press setting button for a while till the LED turn into red. lInsert coins (like 20-30) one by one about every 2 seconds. The setting would be done when the LED turn off.(for more details please check description on side coin selector)
  • Connect and fasten the enclosures on 1P and 2P with screws. The 5 holes are as follows on the left. After fastening the foundation, the installation would be done.
  • Installation on platformFasten the platform with hardware and enclosure.
  • Installation on upper decorated lightsPut the decorated lights into the upper hole, and then connect the power wires with the butt joint inside the enclosure.

How to play

  • Insert coins and press any key to start the game.
  • 1p or 2p can be chosen. 2p mode would work after inserting coins on both machines.
  • The levels and scores depend on the complexion of songs. 6 levels for 1p mode while in 2p mode, there would be battle mode and cooperation mode. Under battle mode, players can play rounds for 2 or 3 songs, the one who win for two rounds can go straight to solo mode and go on playing. Besides, 1p mode would change into battle mode if new players join the game. There would be 6 levels in cooperation mode. Anyone of player passing would lead to pass the level together.
  • New players are allowed to join under 1p mode by inserting coins. After pressing key of challenge, it will enter battle mode. The roles would be best of three, only the player who is challenged by others can choose songs. The winner of the battle games can go straight to the 1p mode and go on playing.
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Common Problems Of Dance Cube And The Solutions

Problem 1:

  • The screen shows no signal


Dancing machine Dancing machine

  • Check whether the host starts normally;
  • Check whether the video cables at both ends of the host and the screenare in poor contactor not. If yes, unplug and plug the video cable again;
  • If it shows no signal after unplugging and plugging, replace the video cable to test;
  • If it still does not work, replace the hostandtest it again.

Problem 2:

  • The buttons don’t work