Dancerush Stardom Dance Machine |Arcade Dance Machine For Sale

Dancerush Stardom Parameter

  • Size:820*950*1900mm
  • Voltage:110V/220V
  • Player: 2 Player
  • Language:Enghish
  • Weight:110KG
  • Power: 180W
2022 Best Dance Rhythm Game Machine Made in china|Factory Price Dance Rhythm Game Machine for sale

Dancing Arcade Rhythm Games Machine Features-Beautiful-Looking Appearance

A brand-new revolution, full-pedal mode, with large sensors embedded in the pedal, and the light moves with the dancer! Some people say it is an audio game with a foot, and some people say it is a combination of an audio game and a dancing machine. This is exactly why the DRS is so unique.

The stage floor of it is 1280mm wide and 1650mm long,equipped with 7-color LEDs and embedded large sensors.It can sense the position of the player’s feet, just like a giant touch screen controlled by your feet.

Every time the player steps, there will be corresponding lighting effects on the lower chest plate, which is so cool and explosive, as if you are in a cool stage effect.When you step on the pedal, the area under your foot will glow with colorful lights.In the dark, you are the most shining star.Not only that, the pedals will show different effects according to the rhythm of the game.

Features- Sound,360 immersive surround experience

  • Brand new surround sound, vertical 2*2 sound system, to make you submerged in a sea of sound!Equipped with a full range of speakers of 416 cm, a woofer of 25 cm, in addition, the original song and BGM are mixed with 4.1ch, players can follow the rhythm of the live music to dance freestyle.
dancerush stardom game machine

Features-Lights,shining in all directions

Equipped with gorgeous beatiful-appearance neon LED spotlights, when all the lights hit you, tonight’s dance talent is born!