Hot Selling Danz Base Dance Arcade Machine

What Is Danz Base?

Danz Base is a game machine consisting of the new image-sensing console. The game machine takes“Portable Stereo” commonly seen in the American street dance as the design concept and combines the dance concept into the game machine. The lighting and decoration on the game machine are very fashionable.The light box is provided with the unique pneumatic sequin-device so that there shall be more abundant visual effects. Its color makes the game machine be more beautiful.

The 47-inch LCD screen can provide full & clear picture game for the player. The acrylic printing on the loudspeaker plus the blue light increases the shock power of the sound effect. The fact that the lights on both sides blink as the music can make the player enjoy the game’s rhythm. The sequins on the light box swing in the wind. The different-color spotlights make the player have the feeling that the player is in the ballroom at this moment. The fact that the black frame is equipped the sheet metals with wire drawing lines makes the player feel good.The simple floor can give the player a better grasp of the distance to the game machine.

Danz Base Music Game Machine

Game Introduction

  • Danz Base is a dance machine which is suitable for all-age player. The machine is provided with the latest Xtion Pro Live sensing camera to monitor the actions of the player and use the player’s dance-steps to determine whether the player’s dance steps are similar to the game dance-steps.
  • When the game is played, the lamplight of the game machine will change as the song-tone changes and the color of the lamplight will change as the player’s performance changes. The lamplight will make the player revel in the game. The foot mat for the game machine shall remind the player of the place that the player shall stand on. The material of the foot mat shall be also the tested & selected antiskid material that is most suitable for dancing.

Danz Base Music Game Machine 40

Game Features

  • The most-popular dance music in China, England, Japan and Korea is included in the game machine and the most-popular dance music is duly authorized.
  • The famous dance director is responsible for arranging the game dance-steps which combines the artist’s steps and special double dance-steps into the game dance-steps.
  • The video can be wired and the players in different places can also see each other.The game dance-steps are designed from the shallower to the deeper. There shall be the game dance-steps suitable for the player who does not dance or the player who dances skillfully. The game machine is a dancing machine which is suitable for all-age player.

How To Play

  • After the game coin is put into, operate according to the instructions.
  • The machine is provided with the latest Xtion Pro Live sensing camera to monitor. After the key operation is completed, go onto the non-slip mat to operate according to the instructions on the screen and the sensing camera.
  • When the detection on the screen is completed, use the hand-waving to select the songs and the difficulty level.
  • If the new player joins, the double game can be played and operated according to the instructions.
  • After the above steps are completed, the player can enter the game screen. The dance steps are the self-developed dance steps. The similarity of the player’s movements shall be given the scores. The player shall imitate the dance steps shown on the screen. The higher the similarity, the higher the score.