Project Description

Best Piano Arcade Machine For Sale|Piano Key Game Arcade Machine


  • Size: 1460*1380*1750
  • Weight: 160
  • Power: 350

Piano Block

How to play

  • standard mode, reach the end point at the fastest speed
  • Endless mode, you can get as many points as you have the ability to score, without any restrictions, this is also the most challenging mode
  • time mode, see how many steps you can take in 20 seconds
  • Racing mode, endless mode without maximum speed limit, challenge your limit
  • Relay mode, within 10 seconds, 30 yuan will be completed, and then there will be more than 10 seconds to complete 35 yuan, 40 yuan, 45 yuan and so on!

The kinds of the rhythm arcade games

The rhythm arcade games machine is one of the popular game play which always see in the game center or family entertainment center. Normally, the rhythm arcade game machine included the music dance machine, Drumming game, Rhythm beat game machine. Yuto Games supply all of these game machines to you with the best quality and after service insurance.

Newest and Popular Dance game machine

Moreover, Dance Live is one of our distributor dance game machine. It is the most popular dance game play. Including 105 songs now and still updating. Support 2 player play together and with the nice lighting pedal. The difficult rate from easy to so hard which meet all level player to play. Once you have any doubts please contact our sales and welcome to your information.

More choice of rhythm arcade games

Finally, except the Dance Live, there are still many other good quality rhythm machine for your choice. Such as the Pump it up dance game machine from fiesta to 20th Anniversary. The Maimai milk version, Taiko Drum, Dance Dance Revolution, Jubeat and so on. What ever the music game machine you need, please send us the inquiry.