2022 Best Ticket Eater Machine For Sale|Arcade Card System Ticket House Made In China

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  • The motor of this lottery processor is highly quality, exquisite, beautiful and durable.

    • TT-1800 lottery processor has three versions:
    • Version A (no print, no card reader) – with zero reset key
    • Version B (with printer) –with zero reset and ticket printing function.
    • Version C (with IC card reader) – the current number of tickets can be transfer to IC card, and reset to zero..
    • smart start and stop: the machine starts if a ticket inserted, and will stop when the counting finished; if jammed, it automatically stops, when jamming is removed, it will start working again.
  • Tickets can be inserted in multiple times, and press the button to end.

    • Reverse pulling ticket for discounting number of tickets is not allowed, and it will alert.
    • The intelligent detection of dual feed: only the standard ticket paper will be accepted.
    • Detection of jam and counting speed.
    • Providing LED displays (internal display with 4 digits, external display with5 digits) and buttons for auditing.
    • Password is needed when resetting general ledger to zero and, it can be changed.

Ticket Eater Operation Instruction

  • Turn on the Ticket Eater Machine Arcade Card System, the LED screen will display 88888 and reset to zero, then insert the standard ticket paper, the machine will automatically roll the ticket paper and count. The LED screen shows the number of votes counted. After counting is completed, press the print key to print and clear the data.

Chapter Two Management Interfaces and Operation Instructions

  • Open management lock interface,it displays “Hour:Minute”

    • For Version B,press the ‘print’ button to reprint the last print content.
    • Management buttons are: SW 1,SW2,SW3,SW4(from  left to right)
    • SW1:Time setting
    • SW2:to check ledger
    • Long press SW2:to clean ledger。
    • SW3:password setting.
  • Ticket Eater Time setting

    • Press SW1to go into the time setting interface。
    • For example: if the time is 2015/5/20,  8:18:30, the screen will displays as the following orders for each correspond press of ‘SW1’;
    • 1st press :Year: “15”,
    • 2nd press: Month:”05″,
    • 3rd press: Date:”20″,
    • 4th press: Hour “08”,
    • 5th press:Minute”18″,
    • 6th press:second: “30”,
    • In time setting interface, the function for the buttons are as below:
    • SW1=Yes(to the next setting).
    • SW2=cancel (to quit the time setting ).
    • SW3=increase  (decade).
    • SW4=increase  (one).
  • To check ledger

    • Press ‘SW2’ to check the ledger.
    • Press ‘SW2’, the first four digits will be displayed on the screen for 2 and half seconds, and then the last four digits will come up on the screen for another 2.5 seconds, and it will go back to time display interface.
  • To eliminate ledger

    • Press ‘SW2’ button for 3 seconds, to go onto interface of ledger elimination.
    • on ledger elimination interface, the function for the buttons are as below:
    • SW1=yes(to the next digit),after inputting the correct password(4 digits) ledger will be eliminated and, it indicates C0; If the password is incorrect, it indicates ‘E’ and quit of the interface.
    • SW2=cancel (to quit).
    • SW3=increase( a unit).

Ticket Eater Changing password

  • Press ‘SW3’ to go onto the password changing interface and, it display P1–.

  • The function for the buttons are as below:

  • SW1=Yes(to the next digit),after inputting the correct password(4 digits)(if password incorrect, it indicates E and quit of interface), it displays P2; Input new password, and, it comes up an indication of ‘ PASS’.

  • SW2=cancel (quit).

  • SW3=increase (increase a unit).

Chapter Three Alert signals and troubleshooting guide

  • Alert signals and descriptions:

    • E1: reverse pull alarm.
    • E4: motion blocking alarm
    • E5: paper jamming alarm.
    • E8: paper jamming at photoreception counting eye.
    • E9: paper jamming at photoreception inputting eye.
  • Troubleshootingguide

    • When there is alert signal occurs, try to unlock the management lock, then, lock it back to keep the machine working.
    • If alert signal still comes up, then you need to open the machine for troubleshooting. Please follow guide below
    alert signal correction
    E1 unlock the management lock
    E5 remove the jamming paper at the outlet port
    E4 Shut down the machine and, use back booting mechanism for troubleshooting.

Chapter Four Port Connections

ticket eater
  • Connection Instruction

    1. POWER: DC power input connection port
    2. MOTOR:  motor connection port
    3. SERA: Ticket input optical connection port
    4. SER: Opt coupler transmitting port(for counting)
    5. SERB: Opt coupler transmitting receiver
    6. RESET:reset button port
    7. LED:  external digital display port
    8. CARD: IC card reader port
    9. PRINT:  printer port
    10. HCSR04:  ultrasonic sensing port
    11. COUNTER: the counter connection port
    12. ADMIN LOCK, management lock port
    13. M2, buzzer and reset switch lamp pot