Amusement Self Service Machine For Family Entertainment Center|Best Arcade Card System For Sale

Amusement Self Service Machine Parameter

  • Consumers can self-check, recharge, modify passwords, member withdrawals, and self-service currency purchase functions
  • Size 69Wx50Dx198H (cm)
  • Voltage: AC110V~220V,
  • Coin storage: 18000-20000 coins

What is a Arcade swipe card system

  • Amusement park management arcade card system, including membership card management, currency ticket management, sales and revenue management, marketing activity management, employee authority management, warehouse management, card reader management, helping the venue to make sales plans to attract more consumption, to purchase machines and gifts that customers like, to improve customer satisfaction by member consumption analysis, machines popularity analysis and gift popularity analysis.
  • The membership arcade card system is a comprehensive membership management platform developed for chain counters, specialty stores, direct-operated stores, consumer entertainment venues, etc. It focuses on membership card marketing, develops a membership system, and multi-functional membership card functions, which can help companies expansion of consumer groups, integrated management of cash register, membership card management, points, recharge, and member analysis. Through the system’s analysis of member consumption data, we can obtain data and information of members with high loyalty and consumption levels, products with high sales, etc., so as to facilitate managers can dynamically and scientifically adjust the market strategy, promote the enhancement of corporate member loyalty, product category optimization, and increase corporate sales and profits.