2022 Best Arcade Game Card Swipe System|Arcade Card System For Game Center


  • Wireless connection ;
  • Wire cutless installation:
  • Colorful status light
  • Tap card to start
  • Support Token
  • Support ticket redemption
  • 2.4inches LCD Display


  • Size :9.6 X 5.6 X 9.3 (cm)
  • Power:12v DC 1A Max
amusement park card reader

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What is a Arcade swipe card system

  • Arcade Game Card Swipe System, including membership card management, currency ticket management, sales and revenue management, marketing activity management, employee authority management, warehouse management, card reader management,.
  • Helping the venue to make sales plans to attract more consumption, to purchase machines and gifts that customers like, to improve customer satisfaction by member consumption analysis, machines popularity analysis and gift popularity analysis.
  • The membership arcade card system is a comprehensive membership management platform developed for chain counters, specialty stores, direct-operated stores, consumer entertainment venues, etc.
  • It focuses on membership card marketing, develops a membership system, and multi-functional membership card functions, which can help companies expansion of consumer groups, integrated management of cash register, membership card management, points, recharge, and member analysis.
  • Through the system’s analysis of member consumption data, we can obtain data and information of members with high loyalty and consumption levels, products with high sales, etc.,
  • so as to facilitate managers can dynamically and scientifically adjust the market strategy, promote the enhancement of corporate member loyalty, product category optimization, and increase corporate sales and profits.

What parts does the arcade card system contain?

  • The arcade card system includes software, hardware, and service.
  • Software: management software
  • Hardware: card reader, card reader, self-service equipment, access control consumer equipment.
  • Service: door-to-door installation, remote after-sales service, individual function development.

How can the Arcade Game Card Swipe System help operators save costs

  • Reduces the use of game coins and lottery tickets by using card raders and membership cards;
  • Reduce manual code reading cost by collect machine data through the arcade card system;
  • Reduce manual statistics and improve the efficiency of operation analysis by using the arcade card system report;
  • Reduce management loopholes by system management.Through the above, about 20% of the cost can be saved.

How to use the Arcade Game Card Swipe System to manage a chain amusement organization?

  • Each branch deploys the system server itself to ensure the basic operation of the venue;
  • Deploy the group data server of chain institutions, and each branch upload business data to the group data server through the network.
  • Headquarters can view the revenue data of each branch through the group server to achieve faster operational analysis.
  • Headquarters can view the warehouse data of each branch, and can realize the allocation of items in each branch on the system to do centralized purchase.
  • Headquarters realizes centralized management, and distributes the operation plan and employee authority to the branch.