2022 Best Arcade Card System PC For Game Center Made In China

2022 Best Card Management Made in china|Factory Price Card Management for sale


  • Comprehensive game center management system: including member management function, cashier front desk management module, back office management module, warehouse management module, gift exchange and recycling module, commodity sales module, machine networking module, data analysis function, gate management module, the system can be Support WeChat and Alipay collection functions.
  • Amusement park management system (with exchange, item management, merchandise sales): including membership management, lottery exchange, item management, package sales, count sales, pre-deposit sales, package sales, report analysis and practical functions, the system can support WeChat , Alipay collection function
  • The game center card management system is a set of programming systems developed for paid entertainment venues. It integrates various functions such as member management, member recharge, account management, consumption start, point record, point management, point gift exchange, goods inventory management, etc., through different hardware equipment docking system procedures, thereby saving labor costs and ensuring management data , Accuracy. At the same time, it is more convenient to save and analyze data.

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