Project Description

Arcade Card System Ticket House

Amusement Card Amusement Card System Ticket House

  • One machine with three sides to realize member self-service ticket deposit,
  • Anti-canvassing function,
  • Cross-cutting knife,
  • Dimensions: W67xD67xH175 (cm)
  • Voltage: AC110V~220V

How to operate

  • insert card
  • insert paper tickets
  • stock ticket quantity
  • save and exit
  • Shredden lottery tickets


The three Sides Amusement Ticket storage Machine is used to recove and smash the physical lottery rewards obtained by the player in the game, and at the same time convert the lottery into points and store them in the player’s customer’s member points information. This device has 3 positions that can be used at the same time, the lottery ticket identification is accurate, and the membership card information can be stored and updated efficiently and quickly. Recovered lottery tickets are destroyed instantly, the count is accurate, and the ticket collection is environmentally friendly and tidy.

Product Feature:

  • Ticket is cross cut and save to member’s card
  • Large capacity ticket bin
  • Anti pull back ticket function
  • 1 slot and 3 slots optional


  • Size:W670mm*D670mm*H1750mm
  • Package size:1.2m³
  • Power:200W
  • Weight:80kg
  • Player:3
Ticket Eater
Arcade Card Management System Ticket House

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