Street Fighter Arcade Machine Product Parameter

  • Product name: Street Fighter V
  • Product Type: Electronic Games
  • Product size: 1105*1849*2061 100KG
  • Applicable voltage: 220v
  • Product power: 180W
  • Suitable for: children and adults
  • Applicable places: large video game city, game hall, square shopping mall, children’s playground

What is Street Fighter V

  • “Street Fighter 5” is a 3D fighting game developed by Capcom which using the Unreal 4 engine. The work was officially released on February 16, 2016, landing on the PlayStation 4 platform and the PC platform.
  • This game is a game with full 3D graphics. Players act as a fighter to practice with computer opponents, and fight with online players. This game cancels the UC gauge that used to save the super nirvana in the previous game version, and adopts the V-gauge plus EX-gauge skill system.
  • The plot of the game is inherited from the predecessor “Street Fighter 4”, and then “Street Fighter 3”: The character Ryu in the game is traveling around the world in pursuit of the “real fighter”, and he will encounter many things during his journey. Strong opponent, Ryu wants to compete with these people in order to pursue the highest state of martial arts.
  • The physical size of the character in “Street Fighter 5” determines the Stamina and the stun. The Stamina is the foundation of fighting. When A’s Stamina is zero, the B wins. The stun will affect the character’s state. When the character suffers damage at time, this meter will increase, and when it reaches its maximum value, the character will be stunned. The halo value will decrease over time.
  • The attacks of the characters in the game can be mainly classified into the following categories: ordinary skills, special skills, special moves (EX), super special moves (CA). The special moves and super special moves of each character are different, and the attack characteristics are also different. The use of special moves and super special moves requires the consumption of EX energy gauge. Players rely on frequent offense and defense to accumulate EX energy. This meter will increase when the character’s moves hit.
  • The inherent action of the unified command of each character in the game is called “V Skill”, which echoes the “V” that represents “5” in the game name. The V system is divided into three parts: V-Skill, V-Trigger and V-Reversal. The main resource used is V-gauge.

How to set up Street Fighter  v the ordinary skills?

  • Street Fighter 5 is a 60-frame game, 60 frames per second, ordinary fist, nirvana, ordinary throwing skills, command throws all have the number of frames, the number of continuous frames, the number of swayed hard straight frames, hit Some fists that are defended in the middle can give you a favorable number of frames.
  • As the name implies, the number of favorable frames is to reduce the number of frames of your subsequent fists, forming a continuous suppression of the enemy, and some fists and fists being defended have unfavorable frames. The number of frames of your subsequent fists will slow down.

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