Buy Arcade Coin Pusher Game Machine Made In China|High Quality Coin Pusher Machine Game For Sale

arcade coin pusher game machine

Arcade coin pusher game machine Introduction:

  • “Spy War” is a new coin push amusement machine developed by our company, which is specially designed for public entertainment.
    And designed an indoor amusement machine, the machine is novel, beautiful, safe and reliable, operation Simple and highly profitable, it is the best amusement product for amusement parks.

Arcade coin pusher game machine Features:

  • The gameplay is novel, exciting, and very leisurely and entertaining;

  • The appearance design is beautiful and generous, the pattern is bright and delicate, the material is made of wood, stainless steel, etc., which is safe and durable;

  • Using large-scale integrated circuits and built-in programs, the performance is stable and reliable;

  • The game program and revenue ratio are finely adjustable.

Arcade coin pusher game machine Parameter

  • Working voltage: AC220V-240V 50/60Hz

  • Power consumption: Minimum power: 150W

  • Maximum power: 380W

  • Dimensions: W1426×D1426×H2056(mm) (3) Weight: about 230Kg

  • Environmental conditions: (indoor) temperature: -10℃~+40℃ Humidity: ≤90%

  • Atmospheric pressure: 86Pa~106Pa

Arcade coin pusher game machine Gameplay Instructions:

  • Put in the token, the game starts, and the panel swing motor starts to work;

  • Press the “launch” button, the “coin-sending motor” starts to work, and the coins are sent from the top of the panel fall;

  • The token hits the “Space Shuttle” and passes through the back, and the turntable starts to draw (drawing The number in the middle, drop the corresponding coin from the top of the panel or play the corresponding lottery ticket);

  • Push the coins launched by the board, and the “recovery coin motor” detects the number of coins; start the coin issuing horse
    Reach the corresponding number of coins or draw a lottery ticket;

  • If you win the “airplane pattern” once, one of the four JP lights on the top of the online line will light up, and it will light up until The JP jackpot in the fifth light, the corresponding number of coins (tokens fall from the top of the panel) or the jackpot ticket.

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