Happiness And Funny coin pusher coin machine For Sale

coin pusher coin machine


  • Machine size: L2000*W900*H2500

  • Power: 850W

  • Product weight: 350kg

  • Application range:amusement park、Family entertainment center、game center、shopping mall

Game Instructions

  • Put the coin, the coin falls into the upper push plate, pushes the coin down layer by layer, and pushes down the coin slot.

  • Every time the gold coins that fall into the coin slot inside the game machine are pushed down from the push plate according to the skill, a certain amount of lottery tickets will be obtained.

  • Push the push plate through the falling coins, pull the clown bonus above to win the big prize and get more lottery tickets.

  • There are 3 dedicated input channels for Xiaoyu. If the token falls into the dedicated coin channel marked with the clown, the top LCD color gold display light is on, and the ticket will be issued according to the corresponding value. No ticket if the light is off. If the three clown lights on the top of the LCD light keep flashing, then the winning lottery ticket will be given out.

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