Project Description

Elecvator Action Lnvasion Arcade Shooting Games


  • Size: W1710*D1810*H2970;
  • Weight: 650;
  • Power: 1200-1600;

Elecvator Action Lnvasion Arcade Shooting Games

How to play:

  • Insert a coin to start the game and choose to decolor;
  • Target the enemy and the enemy’s weaknesses to shoot, accumulate points and combos; a total of 18 levels, 3 big BOSS.
  • You can continue to play with coins when you return to zero.
  • Pass the level to display the total score and ranking, and the game is over;


  • The appearance of cool futuristic technology will create a beautiful scenery in the playground;
  • Immersive machine design, special shooting and elevator door mechanism, bringing players a unique and refreshing gaming experience;
  • Super rich game content, high machine stickiness and strong vitality;