Project Description

Coin operated The Ball Falls From The Sky 2 Arcade Tickets Games


  • Environmental requirements:Temperature range 20℃~40℃, low radiation, low humidity, low vibration
  • Appearance size: length 105*width 63*height 190CM
  • Wooden frame packaging size: length 113*width 73*height 200CM
  • Net weight: 115KG
  • Gross weight: 145KG
  • Power supply voltage: AC110-220~50Hz
  • Standby power: 100W
  • Maximum power: 150W
  • Number of players: single

The Ball Falls From The Sky 2 Redemption Ticket Game Machine


  • The Ball from the Sky 2 is a children’s educational game machine. It uses a catch bucket to score the ball. The gameplay is simple and fun. The more balls you catch, the higher the score. With cute appearance and dazzling lighting, it is a machine suitable for children and teenagers to play.


  • Put in game coins and press the start button to start the game.
  • Use the catch bucket to catch the rolling colored balls to score points.
  • The more points you get, the more rewards you get.