Over 1500sqm Family Entertainment Center Project From USA


Country/City:Virginia Beach, Florida, U.S.

Area:Two Zones: 550sqm+ 1100sqm(including skating , golf, two floors).Location and building attributes: shopping mall/building.Shopping mall.

Consumer group: children’s playground/adult arcade/family entertainment center family entertainment center

Machine options: prizemachine/redemption machine/arcade games/naughty castle/sports related, etc.

Game Zone 1: Fun Zone.Total Machine Qty: 47 Sets.Simulator: 6.Arcade Cabinet: 3.Sports Related: 11.Kids Games: 4.Prize: 12.Redemption: 8.Other categories (VR, singing machine, model): 3.Zone 2: Beach Arcade.Total Machine Qty: 53.Simulator: 7.Arcade Cabinet: 1.Sports Related: 14.Kids Games: 8.Prize: 11.Redemption: 9.VR: 3case

Project cycle: negotiation, production, transportation, debugging, opening

 Negotiation: 2020.11.8-11.25;Production: 2021.11-26-2020.12.30;Transportation: 2021.1.5/14-2021.3.10;Installation and debugging: 3.15 to present;Opening: expected at the end of April.

Operation Plan

Target site attributes: beach goods chain stores, the customer is mainly floating people. Need to choose rich and diversities of products, and select a variety of different play methods redemption game machines. VR game machines are to attract more players.

Game center management: in order to improve game center management and save labor cost, we also provided them card system.

 Special Requirement

 Beach goods chain stores, mainly in the Florida beach area, its target customers are floating people.

Background Story

 At the beginning of the communication, the customer proposed to place a large and attractive machine at the entrance of the first floor to attract people.  We recommended a variety of machines to the customer, including large gashapon machines, screen basketball machines, and robot models;

Other game machines for attract customers at the entrance of the first floor: VR aircraft and singing machines are recommended;

In order to improve game zone management and save labor cost, card system was recommended too.